We will teach you 1 to 1 lessons on you computer, iPad / iPhone or Android Pad / phone.

Each lesson will have personalised notes emailed to you while you do your lesson.

All lessons are tailor-made for you, following an interview.

All lessons are carried out and delivered to you in a language you can understand.

We will teach you in the following windows operating systems: Windows 7 and 10

Internet skills and Internet safety, Keep your computer clean.

Keeping your self safe when downloading programs and files from the internet.

Learn how to do your email (send and receive) safety tips, attachments of photos.

Taking photos or files off email, camera, phones, tablets and saving to a folder in my documents.

Making folders in my documents, renaming them, saving to folders and shifting files.

Printing of documents and photos, scan photos or documents into your computer.

Prevent viruses, intruders coming in (may need to purchase an antivirus program).

We can teach you introductory skills in the following Microsoft Office Suites: MS Office 2019 and Office 365 2021. i.e. Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint) or any other non-Microsoft office program such as open office

Learn how to do basic photo alterations

Learn how to do your backups